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Book Review: THE RIFT UPRISING By Amy S. Foster

Read through a world similar to the present, but just a bit more kick-ass with Amy S. Foster’s THE RIFT UPRISING! The Rift Uprising is an experiment gone wrong novel by Amy S. Foster. Unlike most YA novels this one is a cross of both YA and Adult fiction. It’s a more denser read than […]

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The Fandom at NYCC: Amy S. Foster Talks THE RIFT UPRISING

Discover the wild sci-fi world of THE RIFT UPRISING with Amy S. Foster! Being a teenager is hard enough without being a secret, cybernetic super-soldier, so The Rift Uprising‘s Ryn doesn’t have it easy. By day, she fights threats that attempt to enter Earth through a doorway to the multiverse. At night, she goes home, […]