Cover and Synopsis Reveal For Scott Reintgen’s NYXIA UNLEASHED

Scott Reintgen made a major impression on YA sci-fi lovers with his fierce debut novel, Nyxia, but there’s even more to come. The novel follows Emmett Atwater, one of several teens chosen for a cutthroat mission to harvest a versatile new element from a recently discovered planet, Eden. Emmett needs to make it to Eden to […]

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Scott Reintgen Answers Our Burning Questions About NYXIA

Learn more about the world of NYXIA from author Scott Reintgen! If you’re a fan of space, adventure, and competition, you’ve probably already noticed the hype for Scott Reintgen‘s upcoming debut, Nyxia, which follows teens chosen by a secretive corporation for a mission to a new planet as they battle with training, new abilities, and […]

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Guest Post: NYXIA Author Scott Reintgen On Inspiration and Writing Your Own Story

This September, debut author Scott Reintgen is taking YA literature to new galaxies with Nyxia! The debut novel follows Emmett Atwater, one of ten teens plucked out of poverty to take part in a top secret mission to another planet by the mysterious Babel Corporation. The company will make the teens and their families rich, but […]