10 Bad Disney Moments

Serious spoiler alert here!  If you are unfamiliar with a number of Disney films, you may want to proceed with caution.  A while back Top Ten Things compiled a list of what they believed were some of the darkest and more horrific moments in Disney’s films, see 10-6 below.

10. Bambi

Bambi’s mother was quite an influential character throughtout the movie until she died. She always tried to teach Bambi the ways of the forest. Her death was definitely quite disturbing for all the viewers. Once they both are in the woods he senses danger. She saves Bambi by telling him to run and not to turn back, but she herself is hunt by the hunters. The scene when he does not find his mother by his side and calls out for her but gets no answer is very sad.

9. Pinocchio

We all know the Pinocchio is the story of the puppet who becomes a real boy. But the trials he goes through in order to become a real boy are unbelievably tough. From the trap of the con artists to the problems of Pleasure Island to the horrifying giant whale. The giant whale swallows Geppetto, his maker, who had been trying to rescue Pinocchio from Pleasure Island. Pinocchio sacrifices his life in order to save Geppetto. This is where The Blue Fairy, sees how selfless Pinocchio is, brings him back to life and finally, turns him into a real boy! A happy ending but after a lot of tough trials.

8. Mulan

This one is a short scene in Mulan but is still quite cruel. This scene shows two Imperial scouts that have been captured by Shan-Yu, the Hun leader. He asks them to deliver a message to the Emperor of China. As they run away, Shan-Yu asks one of his comrades how many messengers it takes to deliver a message. The comrade draws back his arrow and replies, “One.” This was a terrifying scene that shows how little the human life valued to the opposite group.

7. The Fox and the Hound

This movie took a great turn when Copper’s mentor Chief, gets hit by a train in a mishap caused by Tod. Copper wants to “get him.” Copper’s owner sets a trap and Tod is trapped. They clash and fight, forgetting their childhood friendship. Tod escapes after a black bear suddenly appears, and Copper tries to defend his owner. Tod seeing his friend in problem returns and gets rid of bear. The ending is also not that ‘happily ever after’, as we see Tod and Copper are in their respective homes. An old conversation is played —“We’ll always be friends forever, won’t we?” says Tod. “Yeah,” replies Copper. “Forever.”

6. Lilo & Stitch

he dark moment of Lilo & Stitch is quite different from the rest. It is about the pain of a broken family. Nani has to prove that she can take care of her little sister all by herself. She also gets Lilo a pet, Stitch which turns out to be an alien. Stitch becomes the cause of some more problems, and the social worker tells Nani that Lilo would be better off without her. Stitch sees what he has done and the consequences of it. Lilo tells him, “I’ll remember you; I remember everybody who leaves.” This is a sad moment which is about loneliness, fitting in and about the need of a family bonding etc. This was darkness of its own kind.

This is already kind of depressing, isn’t it?  Well you’ve come this far so you might as well click HERE to see bad moments 5-1!  What Disney moment would you classify as the number one bad moment?