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10 Iconic Moments from SUPERNATURAL Convention Panels

Since conventions are temporarily halted due to the pandemic, why not relive some of the best moments from past SUPERNATURAL cons?

Maybe you’re familiar with all of these. Maybe you’re not. But who couldn’t use a pick-me-up right about now? Enjoy 10 (of countless) memorable moments featuring our fantastic cast!

“Joining Twitter”

SPN Vancouver| August 2014 | Jensen and Jared

With Jared’s assistance, Jensen joins Twitter right there on stage.

“Where’s Misha?”

SPN New Jersey | September 2014 |
Louden Swain, Rich, and Mark S.

Misha runs late for his panel, and a song is improvised to entertain the crowd as they wait.

“The Train Story”

Jus In Bello 7 | May 2016 | Jared, Rich, and Gen

A show-stopping tale about the time Gen’s luggage bag got left behind while boarding a train in Europe.

“Mad Libs”

SPN Indianapolis | September 2018 | Rachel

Rachel reads the finished product of a Mad Lib fans helped put together.
The reward? “Balls and unicorns all around.”

“Makeup on the Pillow”

SPN Las Vegas | March 2015 | Jared, Jensen, and JDM

Jared and Jensen dig themselves into a hole while discussing the time they booked a hotel room at an airport, and “Dad” has to come bail ’em out.

“Rock Star In The Making”

Jus In Bello 1 | April 2010 | Jensen and Jason

A shy, reluctant, and multi-talented Jensen sings at a con for the first time.


Jus In Bello 7 | May 2016 | Misha and Jared

The wording of a fan’s question leads to a dirty running joke.

“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

SPN New Jersey | October 2018 |
Emily, Kim, Sam, Ruthie, Bri, and Rachel

Six–six!–fabulous, wayward women take the stage for one epic panel.

“The Résumé”

Jus In Bello 3 | April 2012 | Jensen and Misha

Jensen has a ball discovering what is included on Misha’s old résumé.

“Always Keep Fighting”

San Diego Comic-Con | July 2015 | The SPN Family

A sea of tealights honors Jared’s “Always Keep Fighting” campaign, which highlights the importance of mental health.

What’s one of your favorite SPN con moments? Let us know in the comments!

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