Cassandra Clare reveals 10 things about LADY MIDNIGHT

With four more days left until the release of Lady Midnight, Cassandra Clare reveals 10 things about the book

We’re getting just as antsy as any other Shadowhunter fan about the upcoming Lady Midnight, the first book of The Dark Artifices trilogy. With 700-plus pages, it’s sure to be a wild ride full of amazing characters, mega angst, complicated relationships, lots of laughs, and scary moments for our favorites. But still, we must wait. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that Cassandra Clare reveals 10 things about the book. Whether it’s a little gift or a little torture, who’s to say.

There you have it!  10 cool things revealed to us, the fans.  Of course we’re super excited to see characters from both The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices, but we certainly can’t wait to see the Blackthorns again, now with a few more years under their belts.  And an engagement party?! Which one of those ships from the original series is getting hitched?!  Clace?! Sizzy?!?! Malec?!?!?!

And the last line of the book??  Who does that?  Well, Cassie does, apparently.  No matter, because we’ll find out what it all means in just a few more days!

Let us know if you’re just as excited as we are and what you can’t wait to read about in Lady Midnight.

Cassie tells us the 10 things you have to know before reading her latest novel, released next Tuesday, March 8!

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