10 Things We Learned From THE HUNGER GAMES (10th Anniversary Special)

In honor of the 10th anniversary of the publication of Suzanne Collins’ THE HUNGER GAMES, we list what we’ve learned from the book. 

September 14, 2008 was the day that the first book from a new YA series by Suzanne Collins was introduced into the world, and for many of those people who read The Hungers Games, have lived a better life because of it, are more conscious of the world around them, and continue to read thought-provoking and well-written books.

For us, The Hunger Games has been a major game changer. It inspired fans to create fan-made videos for the books, plenty of beautiful and amazing fan-made art, at least one radio-type serial, called The Katniss Chronicles, and a number of podcasts for fans to participate or listen in on, such as The Hunger Games Fireside Chat.

In celebration of the book’s 10-year anniversary, we list the top ten things we’ve learned from reading The Hunger Games. See if you agree or write in the comments what you’ve learned.

1) If you tell someone they won’t get pick, that person will get picked. Don’t do it!

2) Volunteering for your sister will get you respect from your community.

3) You can trust the boy with the bread.

4) Archery can save your life in more ways than one. Additionally, shooting an apple out of a roasted pig’s mouth is always impressive.

5) People love a girl on fire.

6) Even futuristic “reality” television has its scripted moments.

7) Art can save lives– literally, in Peeta’s case.

8) Never underestimate the power of reality TV love.

9) Know your wild berries (alternately: Don’t steal other people’s food)

10) Sometimes winning isn’t really winning.

It’s been 10 years, but The Hunger Games still resonates with us. Read the book that sparked a phenomenon!

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