10 things we want to see in SHADOWHUNTERS season 2

There will be a Shadowhunters season 2 and we demand lots of stuff!

After we got the official announcement that the Freeform fantasy series will return for a second season, we listed the 10 things we would like to see more of in Shadowhunters season 2.  Sure, we’d like to state more, but then we’d probably sound like one of those crazy fans who wants everything right now, and we’re not them!  Absolutely not!  Erm… so let’s get on with it:

1) More Shadowhunters kicking butt


Yeah, we like seeing Shadowhunters kick ass.  The demon variety are particularly ideal, but some Downworlders are fight-worthy every once in a while.  What’s not ideal?  Another fight between Jace and Alec.  Parabatai cannot fight each other… it’s a rule, I think.  Somewhere…in my head.

2) More Clary not giving a damn


One thing’s for sure.  Clary doesn’t give a damn about a lot of things, unless it’s going to help her get her mom back or protect Simon. At least that’s how it was in the first season.  She didn’t care about vampire ideals, she didn’t care about Clave authority, she didn’t care about Shadowhunter politics, but that’s what we love about her.  She knows what she wants and she doesn’t let Shadowhunter or Downworlder law stop her.

3) More sarcastic, snarky, funny Jace


Dominic Sherwood place Jace just fine.  It certainly doesn’t hurt when he’s shirtless either.  But give the guy more for us to laugh about.  We love snarky and conceited Jace, and we’d love to see more of that side of him other than super brooding (although he does brood quite nicely, too)

4) More Jace and Simon arguments


Although the dynamic might have changed a bit since Simon is already now a vampire, that doesn’t mean the witty and hilarious quips between the two have to stop.  This type of stuff is what life’s all about.  Mango, anyone?

5) More Max


Jack Fulton kind of has my heart already, he’s so adorable.  We’ve already seen a good amount of the youngest Lightwood, but I won’t argue if he shows up more often than he did in the books.  Honestly, I won’t.

6) More faeries


We know the series isn’t following in detail the route of the book, however, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to introduce more faeries into the show, considering we’ve seen a good amount of vampires and werewolves.  I’d say a scene in a certain faerie-run cafe would be great to include into an episode, as unnecessary as it may be.  Of course, there’s also a certain faerie queen that fans probably wouldn’t mind loving to hate.

7) More Sizzy 


As much as we love Jade Hassoune for playing Meliorn, we’re ready for some more of that connection between Isabelle and Simon, which has pretty much gone platonic since episode 5’s “Moo Shu to Go”.  We’re not asking for a full-blown relationship yet, but a little bit of teasing between the two would be nice for a start.

8) More Clace


We’re not sure how things are going to end after this first season, but Clary and Jace have been the main focus in the books, and it still should be that way in the show.   We’d like to see this flame continue and grow stronger, with as much frustration and complications as possible, because yes, we like to feel the pain of it.

9) More Malec

tumblr_o1y9ya1QuZ1urdwd4o1_500Whether or not this arrangement between Alec and Lydia goes through (as we still have a few more episodes to go in the first season), fans will cry loud and long for the OTP that is Malec.  We thrive on this sexual tension between the two.  Magnus, in all his magnificence and Alec in all his awkwardness are what fans need to see on a weekly dosage.  If we don’t, our Malec flower won’t grow, but whither and die.  We can’t stress enough how important to the show this is.

10) Church


It looks like we’ll get to see Church in at least one episode this season.  It’s not always ideal to have an animal on set as they can be a bit…unresponsive, but honestly, more Church is always a good thing.  And c’mon!  Immortal cat!

By Molly

Molly is a proud Canadian who is currently attending university in Scotland. She loves to read, write, watch films, and talk about Sarah J. Maas books. If not snuggled up with a book, Molly can usually be found tapping at the dance studio, or writing yet another essay.