THE 100 “Terms and Conditions” Recap and Commentary

In this recap of episode 8 of The 100, “Terms and Conditions,” we discuss Bellamy’s development from blind follower to leader, Kane’s failed plan to get rid of Pike, the idea of Pike’s eventual downfall, and Raven’s extremely interesting development with ALIE.

While last episode of The 100 left us off on a very sad and emotional note, episode 8, “Terms and Conditions,” left us on a pretty hopeful one. Clarke will probably be coming back to Arkadia within the next few episodes, Pike will be on his way out pretty soon, and, most importantly, the real Bellamy Blake that we’ve all come to learn and love is coming back.

A lot of this episode is falling action from Pike and Bellamy’s decision to murder 300 innocent Grounders. When Pike, Hannah, and Bellamy realize that the Grounders have instituted a blockade that completely surrounds Arkadia, they realize that they need to formulate a new kind of plan in order to get rid of the Grounders. Basically meaning that they don’t have the means to completely massacre an army of Grounders. Again.

Meanwhile Kane and his team, which includes Harper, Miller, and Sinclair have all been listening in on meetings that Pike’s team has been having. Last episode, Pike realizes that there has to be a mole that’s giving out information about their plans, and Pike basically has Bellamy do his dirty work by trying to undermine Kane. While Kane doesn’t know until a little later that Pike is on to him, he and his team begin to plan a way to get Pike out of the way. Initially, Kane proposes the idea of Pike sacrificing himself to the Grounders, but, of course, Pike doesn’t go for that. As someone who’s supposed to be the leader of his people, Pike is not willing to sacrifice himself for the better of the group, which is completely selfish. From this, you can see, and what Bellamy realizes later in the episode, that Pike no longer wants what is best for the majority. He wants what’s best for him.

So, Kane decides that if Pike won’t sacrifice himself willingly, he’s going to have to take it into his own hands. He makes Sinclair a messenger and distraction, so that he can get Pike out of Arkadia almost undetected. Sinclair  Kane crafts a plan that creates a diversion, and ends up with Sinclair in the Grounder prison. When Bellamy comes to check on the Grounders, Lincoln and Sinclair start a fight, which makes Bellamy open the prison and allowing Grounders to start a fight with the rest of the guards. This diversion created the almost perfect opportunity for Kane to make his move and take Pike to the grounders. Almost.

After Sinclair is locked up with the grounders, Bellamy and Kane meet up to talk. Kane wants Bellamy to join him, so that he can be on the right side of what’s happening. Bellamy said that he was there to offer the exact thing to Kane. I really loved this scene. Throughout season 3, we’ve seen Bellamy and Kane start to become closer and closer with a father-son type bond. However, now that they’re on opposites sides of an issue, that relationship is being tested. Despite everything that’s happening though, I think that their relationship will continue to develop in a way that will make Kane the father figure that Bellamy never had.

So, in order to foil Kane’s plans, Miller’s boyfriend, Bryan, planted a mic on Miller in order to hear their plans. During this scene, we finally get some romantic scenes between Miller and Bryan, and they are so incredibly cute. I really love the way that they interact with each other, and, because of what Bryan is convinced to do by Pike, their relationship is probably going to be in for some pretty rocky times in the coming episodes if Miller finds out. While The 100 may have failed Clexa fans in terms of queer representation, at least we still have Bryan and Miller. Not only are the characters gay, but their also an interracial couple. However, because of Bryan’s actions, Bellamy and a few other soldiers were able to stop Kane before he got outside the walls.

The scene with Bellamy stopping Kane is honestly one of the better scenes in this pretty angsty episode. You can really see how much Kane cares for Bellamy, and, I think at this point, you kind of see Bellamy start to turn against Pike’s plans. While he doesn’t let Kane go, Bellamy still falters a little when he sees Kane because he knows what Pike and his followers will want to do to Kane if he is captured.

After Kane is caught trying to transport Pike, he is sentenced to death by Pike. Though this is not surprising to us, Bellamy is completely taken back by this verdict. He starts to tear up a little, and you can see that he wants to disobey these commands. Bellamy loves Kane. He’s been a friend and confidant for several months. So, Kane’s death sentence becomes a catalyst for, from what we can tell, Bellamy’s future insubordination (and possibly overthrow) of Pike.

The last scene in this episode is of Bellamy talking to Hannah (Monty’s mother) about what it means to be a leader. This scene is a huge turning point in the season and Bellamy’s arc. The gleam that you see in Bellamy’s eyes after he talks to Hannah gives us hope that the real Bellamy Blake, the one that sacrifices everything for the good of his people, is coming back. Not only that, but with Clarke coming back to Arkadia within the next few episodes, I think that it will further solidify this. Whether or not you ship Bellarke, you have to admit that Clarke brings out the best qualities in Bellamy. Clarke brings out his compassion and kindness towards others, while Bellamy brings out Clarke’s pragmatism.

But seriously, the slight changes in Bellamy’s demeanor shows his shift from blind subordination to independence. With a small change in his face, he can convey so many things.


While all of this is going on, Raven and Jasper go on a mission for ALIE to find a chip-maker that Pike had taken. According to The Collective, the chip-maker creates the chips that bring people to the City of Light/basically brainwash them. When looking for the chip-maker, Jasper asks Raven about the effects of the chip on people. He asks if the chip only allows you to remember the good memories about people you love, and not the bad. However, when he asks her about Finn, Raven can’t remember him. We’ve all known that the City of Light and ALIE are sketchy as hell. Now we know how. From all the positive things that the City of Light offers (no mental, emotional, or physical pain), the chip makes you forget things as time goes on. We saw this when Abby asked Jaha about Wells, and now we’re seeing it with Raven.

So, after Raven’s time under the influence of the chip, she finally breaks ALIE’s influence, and this gives us hope for the future of both the character and the takedown of the City of Light.

What does this episode mean for the future of the season?

  1. Our one true love, Bellamy Blake, will actually be in character. This season, Bellamy has been acting pretty out of character. He’s been brash, cruel, and unbalanced. While this may be due to Clarke being gone and the fallout of Mount Weather, I’m so glad that Bellamy will soon have a chance to redeem himself.
  2. Pike is for sure going to be gone soon. Our prediction: Bellamy will kill him.
  3. Bellamy is going to save Kane. I think that there’s no way that the writers will kill him off this season.
  4. Clarke will come back to Arkadia! Whether it’s next episode or the episode after, Clarke will come back, which means that there will be another Bellamy and Clarke reunion. Bellamy and Clarke are literally the dream team when it comes to leading and fighting, so we can’t wait for her to come back to Arkadia.
  5. Raven will try to get rid of ALIE.

Most would consider this as just a regular episode, but it’s so much more than that. “Terms and Conditions” is the turning point of the season.

The next episode of The 100, “Stealing Fire,” premieres Thursday, March 31 at 9/8c.

What did you think of “Terms and Conditions?”

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