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THE 100 “Nevermore” Recap and Commentary

In this recap and commentary of this week’s episode of The 100, “Nevermore,” we discuss The Delinquents finally getting back together, Raven calling everyone out on everything, and the eventual downfall of ALIE.

The episode starts right where 3.11 left off. Jasper, Clarke, and an unconscious Raven are in the Rover driving to the cave, so that ALIE doesn’t find out where they are. Right before they get there though, Octavia tells the group that she plans on leaving. While Bellamy is concerned and asks her where she’s going to go, Octavia shuts him down by telling him it’s not his concern.

Once Clarke, Jasper, and Raven get to the cave, they carry a still unconscious Raven inside the cave. While everyone is walking back inside the cave, Bellamy and Clarke share a glance that can only be equated to: “We left things on bad terms last time, but we can’t talk about it now because we have things to take care of.”

As soon as everyone is in the cave, it seems like, despite things being awkward, people step into the natural rhythm of things before Clarke left. Jasper, who notices this, yells at Clarke because he doesn’t think that she should have the right to tell anyone what to do. Bellamy talks him down, and then Clarke shows the group the chip, which is ALIE’s second AI. As soon as ALIE/Raven sees this, Raven tries to run out of the cave and escape to try to let ALIE know where she is.

Everybody chases Raven, so that she’s not able to let ALIE know where they are. Bellamy eventually drugs her, and she goes unconscious again. Clarke tells the group that she knows where to find another wristband, and they prepare to leave.

Once they arrive at Niylah’s, Clarke’s kind of love interest from the beginning of the season, Clarke tells everyone that she needs to talk to her and convince her to let them stay there until Raven is healed. Bellamy, who always wants to protect Clarke, tells her that he’s going to go in there with her.

When they get Niylah to agree to let them stay, they take Raven and tie her to a bed, so that she won’t be able to escape. However, Raven/ALIE doesn’t take to this idea very well. She completely freaks out and yells and tries to get out of the ropes.

While Niylah doesn’t trust them, she allows them to stay, so that Raven can be saved.

Then, Bellamy and Clarke share a moment, and she asks him if he’s okay. He says that he’s fine (even though he totally isn’t). Bellamy is constantly asking other people if they’re okay, but Clarke is the only one who ever asks him.

The delinquents talk about the wristbands and realize that, to get it to work, they need a battery that helps send a magnetic pulse into Raven’s brain in order to get rid of ALIE. So, Monty and Octavia volunteer to go to the dropship in order to get a battery to make it work.

Back in Niylah’s bedroom, Raven struggles to get out of the ropes. In order to get out of the ties, Raven dislocates her shoulder, and it’s incredibly graphic. Not only that, Raven reopens her wounds and begins to bleed graphically. Because of this, Clarke has to bandage them, so that she won’t bleed to death. So, Jasper and Bellamy hold her down while Clarke attempts to do this. To get Raven to calm down, Clarke tells ALIE that she won’t ever get the chip if she lets Raven die. Immediately, Raven stops struggling and calms down.

They decide that people need to watch Raven in shifts, and Clarke volunteers for the first shift, so that she can bandage her up. When Clarke tries to assert her leadership (again), Jasper flips out on her (again). Bellamy talks him down and tells him to take a break.

Out of the bedroom, Jasper and Bellamy discuss Clarke’s return, and Jasper asks him if it bothers him that Clarke is assuming control, even after being gone for so long. Bellamy, ironically, tells Jasper that he “can’t let [his] anger get in the way of what [they] have to do.” Jasper calls Bellamy out on his bullshit and walks outside to get some air.

When he gets outside, Jasper basically breaks down. This scene further solidifies what amazing actors we have on this show. Jasper’s character has been getting a lot of negative feedback from fans this season, but every time he reaches a breaking point, we see how great of an actor Devon Bostick is.

Back in the bedroom, Clarke is bandaging Raven’s wounds when she accuses Clarke of bringing death to any and all situations that she’s been involved in. At first, Clarke seems to avoid the bait that ALIE/Raven is putting out for her, but as soon as Raven begins to list all of the people that she has either directly or indirectly killed (her father, Wells, the Mountain Men, etc.), Clarke gets extremely angry and tells Raven to shut up.

When Clarke gets close enough to Raven, Raven can bites her hard enough that she draws blood. As soon as he hears Clarke’s cries of pain, Bellamy rushes in the room and pulls Clarke out and gives a dirty look to ALIE/Raven.

Raven/ALIE realize that they’ll have to go to the dropship in order to get ALIE out of Raven’s head. Meanwhile, Octavia and Monty arrive at the dropship to look for the battery. Monty confronts Octavia about leaving the group by telling her that they (Monty, Jasper, Raven, Bellamy, and Clarke) are her people.

Back at Niylah’s, Bellamy wraps Clarke’s wrist and tells her that he’ll take over watch, and let ALIE “beat [him] up for a while.” As soon as he leaves, Clarke finally apologizes to Jasper, and he basically rejects her by telling her to “stick [her] apology up her ass.” Clarke gets really emotional about this because, to her, it seems like she’ll never be forgiven for her past mistakes.

At the dropship, Monty finds what he’s looking for, but, when he comes out, Octavia is nowhere to be seen. Hannah, Monty’s mother, comes out from behind the rover, and tells Monty that she escaped Arkadia. This is obviously a lie that ALIE is making Hannah say to her son. Soon, Monty realizes that she’s been taken into the City of Light.

When Monty denies anything that his mother says, Hannah begins to fight Monty. Then, when Octavia comes to help, Hannah basically beats Octavia and holds a knife to her throat, getting ready to kill her. In order to save Octavia, Monty shoots his mother, and she dies.

At Niylah’s, Sinclair works on the wristband and tells Clarke that Raven is the only thing that he has left. He’s afraid that the wristband will completely fry her brain, but Clarke tells him that they have no other choice

In the bedroom with Raven, Jasper and Bellamy keep watch. Just like she did with Clarke, ALIE/Raven brings out a lot of real truth on Jasper and Bellamy. She calls Jasper out on his recent actions of not being able to handle what happened with Maya. She makes the truthful and incredibly poignant point that everyone has gone through a lot of terrible stuff. Everyone has lost someone, but no one is acting the way that Jasper is acting.

Then she turns on Bellamy and blames him for single-handedly killing his mother and the 300 Grounders who died. Also, she asks him why no one blames him for what happened at Mount Weather. Compared to everyone else, Bellamy doesn’t react to (almost) anything that Raven is saying. From that, we can gather that the reason that he didn’t react to anything is because he tells himself these things almost constantly. He’s not in denial about what he’s done. Then, Raven goes on to call Bellamy the knight to Clarke’s queen, suggesting a sort of inequality of power between Bellamy and Clarke. After that, Raven says, “too bad you were never that devoted to Gina,” which is the only thing that elicits a response from Bellamy.

It’s so obvious that Raven/ALIE is preying on the biggest regrets and truths that they all individually fear. For Clarke, it was the fear of always being known as Wanheda, the bringer of death. For Jasper, it’s the fear of never being able to recover from what happened at Mount Weather. For Bellamy, it’s the fear of his relationship with Clarke. All of these things that merit emotional responses from Clarke, Jasper, and Bellamy, are things that all of them are in denial about. Raven/ALIE is putting all of their troubles and regrets out in the open, so that, perhaps, they can be resolved.

After Niylah hears Raven say that Bellamy is partially responsible for the Grounder massacre, she walks into the bedroom and slaps him, causing ALIE to know exactly where Raven is. Bellamy walks outside and is visibly angry about what has just happened. When Niylah follows him outside, Bellamy gives a teary and emotional apology, telling her that he was only trying to do what was best for his people. Niylah, understandably, doesn’t accept his apology.

As soon as Monty and Octavia are back, everyone races to fix Raven before ALIE’s followers arrive to take her. When ALIE realizes that this idea might work and that none of her people will be able to reach Niylah’s before they shock ALIE out of Raven’s brain, ALIE attempts to make Raven kill herself because she knows too much about ALIE 2.0 and the City of Light.

When they hook everything up, they realize that the battery they got from the dropship isn’t strong enough to destroy the chip. Bellamy and Monty go outside and get the car battery, so that they can use it. As soon as they send the magnetic pulse, Raven goes unconscious and doesn’t wake up.

Jasper, in a moment of desperation, seizes the ALIE 2.0 chip and gets ready to smash it, but Clarke stops him by explaining what exactly it is. After talking about the chip, Clarke realizes that, even after seeing it removed only once, she thinks she can remove the chip (or rather the remainder of the chip) from Raven.

Clarke cuts a slit in the back of Raven’s neck, and what was left of the chip leaks out. Finally, Raven wakes up, and everyone breathes a sigh of relief. While everything seems like it could be okay, after Raven wakes, Monty realizes that he could’ve saved his mom and is absolutely devastated. While Jasper tries to comfort him, a devastated Monty leaves the room.

After this happens, Clarke apologizes to Niylah about not telling her about Bellamy, and Bellamy tells her that she needs to run, so that ALIE doesn’t get to her.

After talking to Niylah, Clarke goes outside to talk to Bellamy. She wraps his hand a second time and strokes his hand for a moment, while Bellamy gives her a lingering look. Bellamy asks a question that echoes what Clarke asked her mom in season 2: What do you do when you realize you may not be the good guy? Clarke responds with telling Bellamy that “maybe there are no good guys.”

While loading the Rover to leave, Raven tells the group that ALIE wants the second AI because it is the only thing that can destroy her. After this revelation, the delinquents get inside the truck and decide to head to Arkadia. Finally, the delinquents are back working and thriving together.

This episode ends with ALIE telling Jaha that, in order to make sure that the City of Light is not destroyed, they must kill the delinquents.

What does this mean for the future?

  1. The delinquents will find out a way to take out ALIE. How will they do it? We don’t know.
  2. Because the delinquents will be back at Arkadia in the next episode, ALIE will try to kill them, but (hopefully) not succeed.
  3. Because of what Raven said when she was under the control of ALIE to Clarke, Jasper, and Bellamy, everything will be out in the open. We think that this will allow all the delinquents to heal and mend themselves and their relationships together,

The next episode of The 100, “Demons,” comes on Thursday, April 21 on The CW at 9/8c.

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