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THE 100 Remember Me Extended Trailer and Clip

When The 100 returns with the episode titled “Remember Me,” many will want to know if Finn’s death was all in vain, as Clarke stated in the trailer.  We won’t know until the episode airs, but it certainly looks like the trouble hasn’t stopped for Clarke and all the other “skypeople”.

“Remember Me” looks like it will touch on several things, including the attempt at an uneasy truce, at best, between her group and the Grounders.  Unfortunately, from what we gather in the trailer, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.  Neither does it look like Raven and Clarke are going to be besties anytime soon, which was obvious once Raven landed on Earth.

Needless to say, Clarke’s sanity might take a hit as well, especially when you check out the “Remember Me” clip on TVLine.

Actress Eliza Taylor talks a little about how her character develops after killing Finn.

“We’re going to see her break, definitely,” she said. “[But] what’s good about this, in a way, is that it’ll force her to evolve into a real leader.”

It won’t be an easy journey to that role, though, no doubt.  But one thing’s for sure.  She can’t lose Bellamy, too.

Watch the clip below.



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