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THE 100 Returns to the Ark in New ‘Join or Die’ Promo and Photos

Check out the promo and photos for The 100 episode, ‘Join or Die!’

With the season finale of The 100 less than two weeks away, every moment of recent episodes has been game changing. And it doesn’t look like ‘Join or Die,’ the second last episode in the season, will be any different. It looks like this episode will feature flashbacks to the Ark, something that The 100 is known for doing very well, this time going back to Earth Skills classes on the Ark, taught by Pike (Michael Beach). This will give a very interesting contrast to the present of the episode, as it looks like the storyline will include Pike’s execution. Watch the promo below:

This promo, set to Giles Palmer’s song ‘Into the Light,’ gives us a lot of hints as to what will happen in ‘Join or Die,’ with past-Pike saying that the key to surviving on earth is to ‘keep fighting’ while our heroes struggle to do just that. This promo also shows Marcus Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) returning to our screens, looking to be in Polis while Pike’s execution is happening. He is also shown being interrogated by Abby (Paige Turco), who is looking for Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and the rest of the ‘delinquents’ to turn them to the City of Light and stop them from shutting down A.L.I.E. Meanwhile, the delinquents are on their way to the ocean to try and find Luna, who they believe can help them stop A.L.I.E., though it doesn’t look like this will go as planned, if Octavia’s (Marie Avgeropoulos) scream at the end of the promo is anything to judge by.

The promo also shows the Bellarke – Bellamy (Bob Morley) and Clarke – hug that was hinted at in the very first trailer for this season, which many fans, including myself, have been waiting eagerly to see.

The official synopsis also hints at a Murphy (Richard Harmon) storyline that may help him escape the commander’s wrath:

KANE REACHES A BREAKING POINT — Clarke (Eliza Taylor) is on a mission that could change everything. Meanwhile, Murphy (Richard Harmon) gains insight that might prove useful in ensuring his survival. Lastly, Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) reaches a breaking point. Paige Turco, Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos, Devon Bostick, and Christopher Larkin also star.

Check out the promotional photos for the episode below:

I must admit that this season of The 100 has not been my favourite, but these past couple episodes have been phenomenal, and by the looks of these photos and this promo, ‘Join or Die’ will be just as good, if not better, hopefully leading us into great finale.

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The 13th episode of The 100 season three, ‘Join or Die,’ premieres on Thursday April 28th at 9|8c on The CW.


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