SUPERNATURAL Recap – “Just My Imagination”

Sorry for the delay in this, but I’m finally here to talk about the latest episode of SUPERNATURAL, “Just My Imagination”. Ever since the promo for this episode, it’s been stuck in my mind. Something about the imaginary friends aspect and Dean in a cardigan really intrigued me. Sadly it took my a little bit to get to it, but after viewing it for the first time, it’s easy to see, yet again, that the quality in episodes this season continues to remains to be outstanding. Anyways, let’s jump into “Just My Imagination”.

Warning: spoilers ahead!Supernaturalopening“Just My Imagination” deals with, well, imaginary friends. The episode finds us in the home of a little girl who has some imaginary friends, some who are nice (Sparkle!) and some who are pretty evil. Ever see an imaginary person get killed by another imaginary person? No, well you will have after this episode. And this is only the beginning. We soon find Sam reunited with his old childhood imaginary friend, Sully, whose come to alert him, and Dean, about the murder of his fellow invisible friends. This seems odd to Sam and Dean, but soon after Sully grants them the ability to see the imaginary world, they realize that this whole ordeal is way more serious than they thought it would be.

The episode gets way more emotional as the episode goes on, showing us Sam’s childhood with Sully. Those were quite feelings heavy, but the episode managed to balance those serious moments with some hilarious ones as well. SUPERNATURAL still surprises me with how brilliant the writing is. When something so silly of an idea of an episode based around imaginary friends can turn serious, sprinkled with humor, and manage to top the quality factor says something about SUPERNATURAL.tumblr_nys8ebzdlX1qcq98do9_500I really loved this episode of SUPERNATURAL. Between all the characters, the creepiness factor mixed with horror, and Sam’s childhood past, how could you not love it? I can’t wait to see what this season brings even though we can all tell it will be nothing short of amazing. I’ll definitely be excited to get back on track with this whole Darkness arc and to see more Castiel!

Other things:

  • Unicorn blood looks really pretty. Probably not to the unicorn though.
  • Remember when the mom rubbed the unicorn blood on her face?

What’d you think of this weeks episode of SUPERNATURAL?

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