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GAME OF THRONES Season 6 Nearly Killed the Cast

Season 5 of Game of Thrones left Sansa Stark escaping the clutches of Ramsay Bolton with the aid of Theon Greyjoy/Reek. The most recent season of the show allowed Sansa to become a real player in Westeros’ political game that we see many characters play throughout the series, but what will happen to her in season 6?

sansa and theon

At Entertainment Weekly‘s party at the SAG Awards, Sophie Turner discusses the future of Sansa in season 6:

Turner teased that Sansa’s evolution isn’t over yet—and that she may actually gain some much needed control over her own destiny. “This season is a really, really big one for Sansa,” Turner explained. “It’s probably her best season yet. It’s her really coming into her own. She, this season, really commands the respect that she deserves and she grabs hold of it and she runs with it and it’s really good.”

Turner added that fans would “finally [get] that storyline that you’ve been craving for the past five seasons…it feels like it’s been building up and up to that. You can only suffer so much before she finally gets…the respect that she deserves.”

While we won’t know what happens to Sansa until season 6 premieres in April, The Nerdist has a pretty solid theory:

Everyone’s assumed that a certain (probably not dead for very long) member of the Stark family would eventually rally the North against the Boltons. But what if Jon Snow isn’t the hero that the North is waiting for? What if it’s Sansa? Either way, there’s also a pretty good chance that Brienne of Tarth will get an opportunity to fulfill her vows and serve as Sansa’s protector.

Additionally, E! Online interviewed Emilia Clarke (Daenerys), Sophie Turner (Sansa), and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jamie) on the red carpet at the SAG Awards. Clarke said that filming season 6 nearly “killed us [the cast]” because of how “insane” it is.

To watch the other video with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, check it out here.

What do you think will happen in season 6?


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