Q & A with 2016 Debut Author Kathryn Purdie

Kathryn Purdie will be publishing her first novel, BURNING GLASS, on March 1st 2016. Burning Glass tells the story of Sonya, a girl with unique abilities to feel the emotions of those around her. With her abilities, she is tasked with protecting the emperor, although the feat may be easier said than done. Here is her interview with An Ember in the Ashes author Sabaa Tahir!

kathryn purdie

What character trait would you thieve from someone else (and who from)?

I want to be as unapologetically fierce as Sybella is in Dark Triumph by Robin LeFevers. She also discovers she’s good at heart WHILE being such a force of nature, and I love that mix.

What’s the last lie you told?
I told my seven-year-old daughter that her older brother was asleep in bed, when really he stayed up to watch Star Wars with us.

If you could punch one person on the planet with absolutely no repercussions, who would it be?
The dentist who half-tranquilized my kid so he couldn’t move but never numbed his mouth (because the dentist was too lazy) while he drilled my son’s cavities for the next 1 ½ hours! Rage!!

What possession do you consider your “precious”?So, something you’d fight to the death for on the slopes of Mt. Doom.
My new Edward Scissorhands Funko Pop! doll. I coveted this toy so much I actually got two, one from my husband and one from my best friend. Edward Scissorhands changed my life when I was a teenager! I identified with him so much. Now he’s my writing mascot.

Best one line writing advice you’ve ever gotten?
Put the strongest word in your sentence at the very end where it has more weight.

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