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13 REASONS WHY Announces Season 2 Renewal

Netflix grants massively popular YA adaptation 13 REASONS WHY a second season!

13 Reasons Why is based on a standalone YA book by Jay Asher, but the show opened up the world and left plenty of loose ends. While some fans enjoyed the mystery and open-ended feel, others have been itching for news of a second season. Rumors that the writers were developing a second season swirled in late April and today, the Season 2 was made official with a short social media video.

According to Deadline, the second season will drop on Netflix sometime in 2018. It will likely follow the fallout of Hannah’s revelations and accusations, as well as her parents’ trial against the school system. Hopefully, it will also address the big finale shockers, like Alex’s attempted suicide and Tyler’s weapons stash. We doubt Hannah Baker had any more tapes hanging around, but if the story involves flashbacks, we’ll probably see the return of the character portrayed by Katherine Langford, as well as Dylan Minnette as Clay Jensen and the full cast of supporting characters.

The show has sparked equal parts discussion and controversy for its portrayals of rape, suicide, and depression, opening up a conversation about what the modern teenager faces both in the hallway and through social media. You can watch the full first season on Netflix now.

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