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13 REASONS WHY Renewed For Season 3

A new season of 13 REASONS WHY is coming to Netflix, but what will it cover?

After an unexpected second season, 13 Reasons Why is headed to back to Netflix for an even more surprising third season!

The first season followed Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette), a high school student who just received a set of tapes sent by his former crush, Hannah Baker, who recently committed suicide. Through the tapes, Clay learns Hannah’s story and seeks out justice.

While Season 1 told Hannah’s full story, Season 2 was ordered in order to afford the showrunners an opportuniy cover the repercussions of Hannah’s death, The Bakers’ trial, and consequences for Bryce. It also introduced some new story lines, some of which have stirred up controversy yet again.

It seems that Netflix isn’t quite done with Clay and his classmates yet, but we’re not quite sure what the third season will hold. It seems the show will move on from Hannah’s story for good, as Katherine Langford has stated that she will not return, according to THR.

Watch Netflix’s official announcement video at the top of the post!

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