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The 13 REASONS WHY Season 4 Trailer hints at some major mental trauma

The season 4 trailer for 13 Reasons Why is dishing out the psychological and emotional trauma that Clay Jensen will be dealing with, as the secrets seem to be a bit too overwhelming for his poor young mind to deal with.

But it doesn’t look like having to keep the truth of Bryce Walker’s death and who was responsible for it is only affecting Clay. Jessica Davis is obviously seeing things as well, or seeing someone that shouldn’t be there.

But how long will they be able to keep all of what happened a secret? Especially when someone outside Clay’s circle of friends knows that Monty wasn’t the one who killed Bryce.

The addition of Winston, apparently now attending their high school, doesn’t bode well for anyone. And what of the guy wearing a “de la Cruz” jersey who looks like he’s going to help Winston?

And what’s Tyler Down doing now? We know from the end of last season, some fisherman found his bag of semi-automatic weapons and guns in the ocean, so that’s definitely not over.

And Gary Sinise joins the cast to play what looks to be Clay’s psychologist or psychiatrist. Will this help or hurt Clay? We don’t want to speculate too much, but we know this final season looks to be another rough one for these high schoolers.

13 Reasons Why season finale premieres Friday, June 5th on Netflix.

By Nat, the Geek Girl

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