Syfy’s New Superman Prequel KRYPTON Adds To Cast

Superman prequel KRYPTON will feature GAME OF THRONES and DA VINCI’S DEMONS actors. 

Actors from Game of Thrones and Da Vinci’s Demons have landed spots in the cast of Syfy’s upcoming pilot, KryptonIan McElhinney, known for his role as Ser Barristan Selmy on Game of Thrones, and Elliot Cowan of Da Vinci’s Demons will be series regulars.

McElhinney will play Val El, the great-great grandfather of Kal-El (the future Superman), along with being the grandfather of lead character Seg-El. Val-El is a genius, but his ideas about space exploration and self defense are never get approval from the Kryptonian elite.

Cowan’s role is of the chief magistrate of Kandor, Daron Vex.

Other series regulars include Ann Ogbomo, who will play Primus Alura Zod, leader of Krypton’s military. Rasmus Hardiker will portray Seg-El’s best friend, Kem, who is also a gifted engineer. The lead character Seg-El will be played by Cameron Cuffe,

Krypton is set two generations before the destruction of the legendary planet, and follows the story of Seg-El, the grandfather of Superman. The house of El has been ostracized, so Seg-El is fighting to redeem its honor along with saving his world from chaos.


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