15 reasons Castiel is the best SUPERNATURAL character


Just look how precious he is. But seriously, as any fan knows, Castiel can go from scarily intense soldier of God to confused convenience store clerk. And don’t forget his many encounters with technology. Here are just a few reasons he’s our angel.

He admits he’s not a ‘people person.’my people skills are rusty

But boy, does he know how to party!

i found a liquor store

He also apologises in the best way. With food.

Please accept this sandwich

He appreciates the finer things in life. Like burgers.

These make me very happy

Although if you piss him off, he will give you a piece of his mind.

In the words of a good friendBite me

Cas is really gif-able. I have an entire folder of trench coat-wearing angel gifs. But that’s besides the point! The point really is, it has been a pleasure to watch him grow and develop as a character. Here’s to season 10!

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