2 Scenes Unlocked from RUIN AND RISING

Sorry about the earlier post, regarding the Darkling scene, but you can read that here.

We also have 2 new scenes unlocked from Leigh Bardugo‘s Ruin and Rising, and here’s part of the 3rd excerpt, which features Tolya and Tamar!

We made camp in a clearing close to a slender tributary of the Sokol, the river fed by the glaciers in the Petrazoi and the heart of commerce in the port cities. We hoped we were far enough from town and the main roads that we wouldn’t have to worry about anyone stumbling upon us.

According to the twins, the smugglers’ meeting place was in a busy square that overlooked the river in Ryevost. Tamar already had a compass and map in hand. Though she must have been as tired as the rest of us, she would have to leave immediately to make it to town before noon.

I hated letting her walk into what might be a trap, but we’d agreed that she would have to be the one to go. Tolya’s size made him far too conspicuous and none of the rest of us knew the way the smugglers worked or how to recognize them. Still, my nerves were jangling. I had never understood the twins’ faith and what they were willing to risk for it. But when the time had come to choose between me and the Apparat, they’d shown their loyalty in no uncertain terms.

You can read the rest of the excerpt here.

And you can read excerpt 4 right here, and it’s a whopper of an excerpt!


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