20 Reasons Why We’re Crazy About Divergent!

The Divergent organization in the Philippines fun little activity to let all Divergent fans voices be heard!

Divergent Philippines is hosting a little activity for Initiates around the world to share their reason on why they are “crazy” about Veronica Roth’s debut trilogy, Divergent! In the activity DPH (Divergent Philippines) is asking Divergent fans to film themselves in 10 to 15 seconds about what makes Divergent so special and why you are crazy about the trilogy! As they said they can be about anything from Tris and Four’s love story, the stunts and how it just keeps you on the edge of your seat! Although they are asking for NO SPOILERS, but make it fun!

As they said “Share us your thoughts and let us into your “ASDFGHJKL FEELS” by participating in this cute little fan montage. Find out also what got our other Divergent fan fellows totally hooked in this heart-racing trilogy!”

Divergent Philippines will be picking 20 fans to be a part of this montage! Remember: ONE REASON per person only. Make sure you send in your submissions on May 30th (Philippines time UTC+8) before Midnight at divergentphilippines@gmail.com along with your Name and Age. 

More details here

Poster courtesy of: Miguel Cruz and Jamie Superable

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