20 Young Adult Book Series ending in 2016

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Check out these 20 Young Adult book series’ that will be ending this year

When we love a book series, it’s always a love it and hate it situation when we know we’re on the final book of the series.  And with these 20 young adult book series’ we’ve got listed, we love that we’ll finally get to see what happens to our favorite characters, because most of the time – possibly, maybe – they get the ending we want for them.  But we also hate that we’ll also have to say farewell to characters that we’ve grown to love over the past two or more years, and that basically that we’ll most likely not read about them anymore in the future.  And then, there’s that thing called a book hangover that just doesn’t go away fast enough after finishing off an incredible series.

But alas, we must say goodbye to some of our favorite book series as they come to an end this year of 2016.  Prepare yourself to hear that swan song more than once with these novels.  For those who’ve been waiting for all the books in a series to come out before reading them, now’s your chance to plan out your reading schedule.

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