2014 Tournament of Crossover Couples, Championship Round


It’s been a crazy and fast little tournament, but it’s been fun and look, no blood has been shed (not there should be in such a tournament.)

14 couples have been knocked out, and only two remain.  Now it’s down to you as the voters to decide which awesome crossover couple will reign the throne for 2014’s Tournament of Crossover Couples.

Which two are the best?  Which two would love their partner the most and the sweetest and the hottest?  You have 2 days to vote for the best couple. Vote as much as possible!  Poll ends at midnight EST on February 13th.


Peercy VS. Annagus

Why Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games) and Percy Jackson (Percy Jackson) make the best crossover couple:  Can you just imagine it?  Peeta in the bakery making blue cupcakes for his special someone.  And Percy can teach him how to swim, too!  *sigh*

Why Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson) and Augustus “Gus” Waters (The Fault in Our Stars) make the best crossover couple:  Annabeth may be a little brash, but Gus’s straightforward charm can make anyone open up like a clam in hot water.

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Check out the journey for these 2 couples during the tournament (click images to enlarge):

Keep up-to-date with the Crossover Couples Tourney on Twitter with #xocouplestourney. Follow us on Twitter @fandomnet for other fun tournaments and giveaways!  Winner will be announced shortly after the voting ends.

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