2014 Tournament of Crossover Couples, Semi-Finals (Round 3)


We’ve hit Round 3, the Final Four, of the Tournament of Crossover Couples!  And we’ve got four great crossover couples from five amazing fandoms!  You have 2 days to vote for the 2 couples you think are the 2 best couples.  Again, vote as often as you want!  Polls end at midnight EST on February 10th.

Galesa VS. Annagus

Why Gale Hawthorne (The Hunger Games) and Theresa Agnes (The Maze Runner) make the best crossover couple:  With Gale’s “rage within” attitude and Teresa’s forgiving and self-sacrificing ways, not to mention how far both of them would go for the good of all, they seem kind of MFEO.  Teresa probably wouldn’t mind having squirrel for breakfast-in-bed, either.

Why Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson) and Augustus “Gus” Waters (The Fault in Our Stars) make the best crossover couple:  Annabeth may be a little brash, but Gus’s straightforward charm can make anyone open up like a clam in hot water.

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Peercy VS. Fourzel

Why Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games) and Percy Jackson (Percy Jackson) make the best crossover couple:  Can you just imagine it?  Peeta in the bakery making blue cupcakes for his special someone.  And Percy can teach him how to swim, too!  *sigh*

Why Tobias “Four” Eaton (Divergent) and Hazel Lancaster (The Fault in Our Stars) make the best crossover couple:  Hazel’s acceptance and Tobias’ kindness toward people in bad situations would draw these two together in mutual empathy. Tobias would be Hazel’s protector and Hazel would encourage him as he faced his fears. Neither of them are strangers to death, and their strong-willedness would lead them through their relationship.

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