Maze Runner Dream Cast Week 2: Frypan

Hey everyone!

So, I am happy to announce the permanent addition to our Dream cast as Alby is Michael B. Jordan! This week, we will be taking a look at a couple of actors who I think should be playing Frypan! Frypan is the head chef in the Glade, who cooks for all of the boys. There isn’t much description, but he is said to be a big, hairy teenager. I took that, and added a bit of imagination!

Jareb Dauplaise would make a great Frypan. He has pretty much only played in spoof comedies such as “Meet the Spartans” and “Epic movie.” Usually, I wouldn’t pick anyone so comical to play a more serious role, but something drew me to pick him, and I think he would be the right choice.

Max Adler is a bit on the older side, but has played a teenager on “Glee” and was character fan favorite. He has played serious roles in television series such as “The Defenders” and “Ghost Whisperer.” Max is going to be in the up and coming Drama/Romance War movie, “AWOL,” showing he can play somber characters.

Who do you think should play Frypan? Poll in your votes below, and tell us what you think personally in the comments! Next week, we are going to be featuring Gally, so comment below on what actor you would like to portray him. We are looking forward to your responses!

Glade on!

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