What to Know About Lexa Hillyer’s WINTER GLASS

We have the cover and three things to know about WINTER GLASS, the sequel to Spindle Fire by Lexa Hillyer!

Spoilers of Spindle Fire

Winter Glass is the upcoming sequel by Lexa Hillyer to her novel Spindle Fire. Spindle Fire looks at what happened to Sleeping Beauty, aka Aurora, after she fell asleep and follows the adventures of Aurora’s sister Isabelle as she tries to find a prince for her sister to kiss. Readers also got to visit the dream world which Aurora found herself in after pricking her finger on the spindle.

The first book in this series was such an amazing book that we cannot wait to get our hands on Winter Glass!

1. Winter Glass will have its own set of fairytale inspirations.

While Sleeping Beauty and is the obvious inspiration for Spindle Fire (along with Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz), Winter Glass will be drawing on another fairy tale: Cinderella.

“With Sleeping Beauty, I really wanted to reimagine it because it’s a really interesting, very sexist story,” Hillyer says. “A lot of fairy tales are, but particularly that one because she’s so passive. She’s literally asleep, and it’s violating and weird the way all of these decisions and actions take place around her. But it wasn’t like I set out to do a Cinderella book. It’s more like I got to know Isabelle’s character and I realized she felt like that unwanted half-sister. So it felt natural.”

While we do have a fascination with fairy tales, this type of reimagining sounds like the right kind of progressive move.

2. It will be a tale of two queens.

Hillyer is intent on subverting expected fairytale tropes in this second book. Not only did Aurora wake herself up from the dream world at the end of Spindle Fire, but Isabelle found herself in love with the prince who was meant to save her sister. As a result, both sisters will be going into this book as queens in their own right.

“Aurora’s awake, Isabelle’s back, and both are ready to rule,” says Hillyer, describing the new status quo. “But then there’s this question of, how are they going to negotiate that?”

Sisters, and sisters at odds, tend to find a special connection for readers who have siblings. So, this is definitely a plus.

3. There will be a couple of different kinds of love stories.

Part of Hillyer’s subversion of tropes involves not only having the sisters be sure of their love for one another, but also ensuring that the next book won’t feature an extended love triangle between both girls and Prince William (Isabelle’s beau).

“There’s lots of romantic stuff that ensues,” teases Hillyer. “But at the same time, I wanted to make sure people know that I tried really hard to avoid any sort of expected love triangle. I wanted to focus Isabelle most on just one love trajectory and explore how she feels about that. That’s not to say there aren’t other people that pull on her heart strings, but I wanted it to be focused on one arc of love.”

Love triangles are definitely a trope that we don’t want to read often, or not at all, when it comes to romance, so yes! This is awesome! More romance, less triangles!

Winter Glass arrives in stores on April 10, 2018.

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