37 Brooks Street Episode 2

This month’s 37 Brooks Street discussion will focus around The Disease and Cure!

I am sure everyone here has a opinion on the subject, but lets take a moment to place ourselves within this world. Where as children we are brought up fearing love. No doubt if we had lived within this world we would have been just like Lena at the start of Delirium, counting down the days to our procedure. Or would you have been a bit more like Hana? Wanting that last fling of fun, as an act of rebellion before you settled down to your predefined fate!

Then we have the anomalies, where the cure didn’t quite work right, or we only know of the one, Lena’s mother, where the cure failed to work on her several times! This is a whole other debate in itself but could she be the answer to the uncure of the cure?

So let us know your thoughts on Love as a disease and the thought of living in a world where you would never have the fear of having your heart broken, where your partner would be chosen for you, and your choices were not your own. Comment bellow!

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