5 Days Until CoLS

As the days pass (slowly but surely), my stomach does somersaults at random moments because my brain just keeps going back to one thing: City of Lost Souls. I haven’t been this excited for a TMI book since I first read City of Bones and had to wait for City of Ashes to be released. Of course, on May 8 I will attempt to read the book as quickly as possible (whilst still comprehending, of course) in order to give you a guys an acceptable review. Don’t worry! If you don’t want spoilers, I will add them to a separate part of the post when the time comes.

There’s only one way I can describe this feeling. And I’d say that it’s very close to the one I get when my birthday is in a week and I know my mom is taking me on a trip to some bitchin’ place, but I don’t know where exactly. I only know that I’m going, and that I’m going with people I love. That’s what it feels like. 🙂

While trying to get through the next few days, here are some things you should try:

1. Re-read City of Fallen Angels. I’m pretty sure you guys already have, but it really doesn’t get old.

2. Write some fan-fiction. What better way to let your creative juices flow whilst in a Shadowhunter-y mood?

3. Re-watch the COLS book trailer. C’mon, don’t lie. You know it gets your heart pumping. 😉 To watch it, click here.

4. Be a Shadowhunter. You think I’m crazy? Well, I’m not. Draw on some Runes and go kick some demon butt! (This is a really good idea and you should definitely do this. It gets you in the mood for a new book, I swear.)

I’m right here with you, waiting.

To quote West Side Story (a musical I absolutely abhor, but this quote is relevant):

“Today, the minutes seem like hours. The hours go so slowly.”

Ain’t that the truth…

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