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5 Things You Might Have Missed in Yasuhiro Nightow’s Trigun Anime Series

The Trigun anime series was an adaptation from the manga published by Tokyo-based Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co., LTD. The story was serialized with a collection of three volumes in 1995. The series, though, was discontinued after 11 years and only resumed with the final chapters in 2007. 

The story of Trigun is one of the most extensive and complex anime in Japan, with a total of 14 Trigun Maximum books. Its adaptation was released from April to the end of September, totaling only 26 episodes. In April of 2010, a feature film, The Trigun: Badlands Rumble, was released as a follow-up on the success of the whole anime series.  

Here are some of the things you might have missed when watching the anime series on television:

  1. Vash uses a gun that appears upside down. You might have been too consumed in the storyline that it is often to miss some of the details. One of the exciting twists to Trigun is how Vash’s gun appears with the barrel on the lower part of the pistol. It’s not new to the anime series as the creator deliberately designed the weapon with the same outlook on the manga series. 
  1. The longest middle name in any Japanese anime series. Nicholas D. Wolfwood or Nicholas the Punisher is one of the notable characters in the manga and anime series. He is a daring priest with a cross-shaped rifle, which is also one of the heaviest, weighing at 100 kilograms.  

His middle name is also the longest, Dokonokuminomonjawaresumakinishiteshizumetarokakora, which means, “What the hell family do you think you’re from? I’m going to tie you up in a reed mat and dank you!”

  1. All Trigun Characters are from Earth. Gunsmoke is No Man’s Land in the manga version and is a desert planet where all the events in the anime series take place. The planet is located in the Delta Trianguli system and binary solar system with five orbiting moons.  

The human-crewed space mission, Project SEEDS, sought deep space to find a new planet but crash-landed on Gunsmoke about a hundred fifty years because of Knives, the older of twin brothers and the antagonist in the story.  

  1. The protagonist always flirts with women throughout the story. Vash, the spiky-haired protagonist, is frequently shown flirting with women characters in the anime series. This behavior is sometimes the opposite of his calm and gentle nature in parts of the story.

His antithetical behavior comes from his instincts that people he gets into close relationships end up being hurt or hurting themselves. So, he keeps women away by being a little decadent towards them.

  1. Vash’s Angel Arms Weapon has a Feminine Twist.  The Angel Arms is one of the most deadly cannon in manga-dom with angel’s faces and wings. It is capable of an atomic bomb-like explosion causing destruction. Despite its power, the Angel Arms has a soft and feminine twist, which appears similar to a woman giving birth when the weapon grows out of Vash’s body. 

Trigun lived to be one of the most exciting anime when it was released for the North American audience. The series continues to draw attention because of the depth of the characters and the moral theme. The story emphasizes having a strong faith in the people you trust, showing compassion does not make you appear weak, and not losing hope in humanity.

By Kait

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