56 Years Since the End of Narnia!

56 years ago today, the seventh and last book in The Chronicles of NarniaThe Last Battle was published. Sometimes described as being somewhat darker than the rest of the series, this book also won the Carnegie Medal that year. Here’s a brief summary in case you need a refresher:

In Narnia’s final days, an evil Ape tricks Narnians into thinking Aslan wants them to work for the cruel Calormenes. King Tirian the few remaining loyalists seem helpless to stop the lies. The real Aslan answers Tirian’s prayer by sending Eustace and Jill to help, but still a terrible fate approaches. Just when all that’s good and beautiful in Narnia is about to be destroyed, a Door opens into Aslan’s presence, and to a new Narnia where the Great Story is just the beginning.

What are some of your favourite scenes or quotes from this book, or how has it impacted your life? Tell us in the comments below!