9 Standout Books You Haven’t Read in 2015

Need more books to add to your TBR list?  Check out these 9 standout books!  

Although we’ve spoken about some amazing books that came out in 2015 that became highly recognize in reading circles, we also wanted to talk about some that haven’t quite gotten as much word-of-mouth recognition that we think it deserves.  So, we’ve put up a list of 9 standout books published this year that TheFandom team feels is worthy of your time in 2016.

Travis recommends:  The Weapon of a Jedi by Jason Fry


It’s all about Luke (!!!) and Jason Fry manages to capture his character and self so well. The story is short, but amazing. It’s also accompanied by Phil Noto’s artwork, so it’s also drool worthy. Everyone should check out this amazing Star Wars novel!

Kait recommends: Charlie, Presumed Dead by Anne Heltzel


At Charlie Price’s funeral, Lena and Aubrey make a disturbing discovery: Charlie’s been dating both of them at the same time, lavishing them both in his entitled riches and careful manipulations. With no body in sight and a trail of deception left behind, Lena and Aubrey head on an intense search on two continents to uncover if Charlie is really dead and what other secrets he was keeping. But the girls have secrets of their own, secrets that will come back to haunt them as they chase down Charlie’s ghost in a thrilling twist!

Kait recommends: Spinning Starlight by R.C. Lewis


RC Lewis got a lot of attention for Stitching Snow, but her Wild Swans adaptation Spinning Starlight is equally worthy. The story is a fresh fairytale retelling filled with science, adventure, and detailed futuristic world-building that will suck you into the original environment with gusto. Plus, you’ll get to see a young socialite turn into a gutsy heroine!

Flo recommends: The Copper Gauntlet (Magisterium #2) by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare


These two authors are both incredible writers on their own, so putting them together is pure gold! The Copper Gauntlet is the second book in a series of five. Honestly, you don’t often hear a lot about book 2 of 5. But I loved this as much, and maybe even a little more, than the first one. The action continued strong throughout, and the story definitely moved forward. I can’t wait for the third book in the series to come out next year! 

Flo recommends: The Princess, The Scoundrel, and the Farm Boy by Alexandra Bracken


There have been a few Star Wars adaptation books that have come out this year in preparation for the movie this month. I really enjoyed this one by Alexandra Bracken. I’m coming from not really being a Star Wars fan to reading this book and then immediately wanting to see A New Hope, the movie on which it’s based. 

Christina Marie recommends: The Ruins (The Union #2) by T.H. Hernandez


This is the second book is a series that I find to be one of the most underrated series I’ve ever come across. While it shares similar traits with Divergent, Delirium, and a few other dystopian reads, I find that this book has the hearts that I find to be missing in a lot of books in the same genre. Hernandez’s way of writing is such a thing of beauty. I remember specific moments through both the first and the second book where I had to stop and reread various lines because I was just that in love with the writing. The storytelling is gripping, the characters are flawed but beautiful. I could go on and on! It’s just a fantastic series!

Christina Marie recommends: The Revolution of Ivy (The Book of Ivy #2) by Amy Engel


This is the second and final book to a duology, whose first book had me emailing the author immediately after I finished it. I remember being so thrilled about reading a story that, although wasn’t the most unique story ever, held so much promise and potential and so much heart, I just knew that it would be a gem. And it was. The second book is just as good as the first. The story holds so much of the right things when it comes to Young Adult fiction. The character dynamics, the plot progressions, the action — it is all so perfect woven together. Probably my favorite part about this story is how authentic the female lead is. Very flawed, very aggravating, but it is impossible to not love her throughout her journey. There are a lot of unique moments through this duology, but if you need a reference, I would say that it shares similarities with Hunger Games, Divergent and maybe Legend. 

Nat recommends: Conviction by Kelly Loy Gilbert


I’m somewhat hesitant in trying to explain the premise for the book because when the word “Christian” or “faith” is involved, some people turn the other way.  However, the main character in the book deals more with overcoming the challenges his family has created and finding faith in himself than it is about faith in God.  That’s just the tip of who our main guy, Braden, is.  But this is one of those books that deals with some real issues and does so without glamorizing any one character.  We see the faults of everyone, including Braden, and this story kind of got me in a way that still lingers.  It’s not an adventure-action type of story, nor a fantasy or sci-fi. It’s contemporary and it’s powerful in a way that’s more like a slow burn than a punch in the gut.  And it’s a book that deserves more recognition. 

Alice recommends: Reawakened by Colleen Houck


As someone that is a fan of historical fiction, I was very excited when I discovered this book at BookCon because I rarely ever see YA historical fiction. Granted, it’s probably not really mythologically accurate but I loved the setting and really liked all the characters.

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