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A Behind The Scenes Look At The Costumes of Outlander


If you are a fan of the show and fashion, you are more than likely enticed by the period costumes used in both time periods of Starz hit TV show Outlander. Nerdist took the time to get the behind-the-scenes look at costumes the show used and got full details of some of the scenic outfits worn by the cast.

If you don’t know already (SPOILER ALERT) Outlander takes place in two time periods, 1945, the end of WWII, and Scotland 1743. For viewers, it’s no problem to watch the breathtaking scenes of the highlands or the quaint touch of the 40s elegance, but for costume designer Terry Dresbach and Glenne Campbell it was having to do double the work, double the research, and doubling the creativity.


Apart from working on crisp pants suits and tailored dresses, there were corsets, heavy-fabrics, muted-dull and earthy color palettes and kilts, lots and lots of kilts. The kilts were voluminous, made from yards of fabric. The actors had a technique in which they would lay on the kilt to put them on.

Focusing mainly on the Scottish side of the costumes, we get an explanation of the famous wedding dress. Dresbach also goes into details about costumes worn by the supporting characters whose personalities are portrayed through wardrobe.

However, it isn’t only the main cast that Dresbach focuses on. Keep in mind that there are extras that also make up the shows authenticity. Now that being said, how many buttons does the costume department have to sew? Well, as an example of next seasons attire (yes, Terry Dresbach is already in works for season two’s costumes) she gave some numbers to put the answer in perspective:

If they make 600 suits (remember, there have to be some duplicates) comprised of a frock coat, waistcoat, and breeches, that’s 40 buttons per suit. And then you need 24,000 buttons that fit the time period. And then those 24,000 buttons have to be sewn on. Just thinking about the work involved makes me want to take a nap.

Still want to become that fashion designer? To read the full article head over to Nerdist.

Catch up on the first half of the season and follow the second half on Starz April 4th.