A List of Reasons Why Disney Fans Will Love Doctor Who

Disney Blog has comprised a list of reasons why Disney fans will quickly jump onto the Doctor Who Fandom train! As of this weekend Disney XD will be airing Doctor Who episodes every Saturday nights at 9pm. The show will start on season two of “New Who” which includes the tenth doctor.

“What does Doctor Who and Disney have in common” you ask? Well, here are a few reasons why:

You’re Already a Fan of Timelords Without Knowing It
Let’s break this down: A timelord is an alien who regenerates (changes their appearance) and can thus live for a lot longer that us humans. They have two hearts. But here’s the real connection: The tenth doctor is the last of his kind. He comes to Earth to help us in a time machine that’s bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. Sound familiar? Yeah, we’re pretty sure Mary Poppins is a timelord.


There’s a Healthy Respect for Royalty
Chivalry isn’t dead in Disney movies or Doctor Who.


A Plethora of Villains and Sidekicks Range from Terrifying to Ridiculous
For every Scar, there’s an Yzma. Gaston wouldn’t be Gaston with LeFou. The same goes for the villains in Doctor Who. There are the chillingly inhuman Daleks and Cybermen, but there’s also this dude. The doctor’s face says it all.

To read the whole list check out Disney Blog.


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