A little bit of mischief

One of the most hilarious things about The Mortal Instruments is the relationship between Simon and Jace, especially when Simon is human in City of Bones. So one of the main concerns for the movie is that the chemistry between Jace and Simon won’t be the same or similar to the book. Well worry no more fans as Cassandra Clare revealed a little about Jamie and Simon’s chemistry and it puts your mind at ease.


Cassandra Clare stated at an event in Rhinebeck that the chemistry between Robert and Jamie was great, and that they had known each other for quite some time.

Apparently the guys are on “pranking terms”.

After Jamie was cast as Jace, Robert called Jamie and told him that he had a planned audition for the role. This resulted in Jamie’s agent calling Robert’s agent and being all “WTF is going on with you and your client?! My client had the role and now there are talks of Robert auditioning for the role?!”.

Boys! Of course Robert wasn’t auditioning to be Jace.

If this is what happens in real life, I can’t WAIT to see that chemistry in the movie!


(Actually, Robbie’s agent called the casting director, not Jamie’s agent, but yes, basically accurate. So cruel!)

So what do you think? I think this will translate well into the movie.

Thanks to TMI Source for this info.