A Look Back At The Top 5 Scenes From ‘City Of Lost Souls’

Our count down to the release of City Of Heavenly Fire next week continues with a look back at the top five scenes from City Of Lost Souls!




1) Simon Is Barred From His Home

The book starts out with Simon going home only to find his mother has put up all kinds of religious symbols to keep him out. He tries to reason with his mother and find out if shes spoken to his sister Rebecca and is shes told her to no avail. Shortly after Clary calls and tells him both Jace and Sebastian are missing.


2) The Clave Clears Clary

Its been two weeks since Jace and Sebastian have gone missing and the clave has been question Clary about Jace being brought back to life by the Angel Raziel and Jace’s  disappearance. She is cleared of any wrong doing, but its clear Jace is not the clave’s first priority anymore, so Alec, Izzy, Simon and Clary visit the Seelie Queen again to ask for help. While there Alec upsets the queen and she ages him to an old man, which  she does reverse. The queen says she’ll help find Jace if they give her these faerie rings that are on display at the institute.


3) Seeing Jace Again

Clary goes to find the rings the Seelie Queen wanted in the institutes library, while there Jace and Sebastian come in and its very clear that Jace is not being held against his will, in fact he and Sebastian act like old friends. Clary, keeps the rings and later learns she can communicate with Simon when both are wearing them, tearfully tells Alec, Izzy and Simon what she saw. Clary eventfully realizes he has been bonded with Sebastian (Sebastian being the dominant in the bond, thus affecting Jace’s thoughts) after Jace and Sebastian show up at Luke’s house one night. Jace has come back to ask Clary to go with them and to tell her that he stills loves her. A fight occurs between Sebastian and Luke ending in Luke being critically injured after being stabbed by Sebastian. Clary also learns that Jace and Sebastian that with the bond, you cannot hurt one without hurting the other.


4) Raising Raziel Again

Izzy and Jocelyn go to the iron sisters to seek help in unbinding Jace and Sebastian. The sisters tell them they only way that can be done with a sword they can only get from the angel Raziel, which contains heavenly fire. Later on, Magnus, Alec, and Izzy agree that Simon should be the one to raise Raziel again because he has the mark of Cain. He raises Raziel and the angel gives him the sword, but as punishment for raising him the angel removes the mark of Cain from simon, leaving him vulnerable.


5) The Battle With Sebastian

Through Clary and Simon communicating with the faerie rings the group learns that Clary, Jace and Sebastian are in Ireland and Sebastian has a second mortal cup, which he is planning to use to create a race of dark shadowhunters. They arrive just as Sebastian is starting to enact his plan. A battle breaks out, end with Clary using the angel’s sword on Jace severing his tie with Sebastian, but Jace now contains heavenly fire, which is how the book leaves off.