A Look Back: Top 5 Scenes from Cassie Clare’s CITY OF ASHES

top-5-coaIn anticipation of the release of City of Heavenly Fire a week from today, I will be sharing my top five favorite scenes from City of Ashes.

1.  The Seelie Court: This is the scene where Jace, Clary, Isabelle, and Simon visit the Seelie Court at the request of the Seelie Queen. While there, Clary is tricked into consuming faery food leaving her trapped.  To be freed, Clary must receive the kiss she most desires. That kiss is of course, Jace’s. When he finally kisses her, the kiss is filled with passion. Clary if freed, proving Jace’s kiss is the one she most desires.

Art by Dinoralp

This is one of my favorite scenes from City of Ashes. It’s an introduction to the faeries and the Seelie Queen and the first time we see how they use manipulation and trickery. This is also the first scene where Clary and Jace give in to their desires after having found out they’re siblings.

2. Simon’s Transformation: This scene begins when Raphael shows up at the Institute with a barely alive Simon. Afraid he was turning into a vampire from the vampire blood he had consumed, Simon went to the Hotel Dumort. The vampires had attacked Simon until Raphael intervened. The only way to save Simon was to bury him to complete his transformation to a vampire.

Art by Muchacha10

One of the reasons I love this scene is because it is such an emotional scene for Clary.  You can feel how much she really loves Simon in this moment when he’s dying. 

3. The Fearless Rune: In this scene no one believes Clary can create runes because all runes come from the Gray Book. She is then dared to create a new one. Jace suggests creating a fearless rune and Alec volunteers to try it on him. After Jace draws the rune on Alec, they are unsure if the rune really works. After his parents and sister walk in,  Alec suddenly tells his parents that he his dating a Downworlder. Magnus magically silences him before he can reveal any more information.

Art by DashingDesign
Art by DashingDesign

This scene is fantastic, not only do we get to see Clary using her impressive skills to create new runes, but the result of Alec using that rune is absolutely hilarious.

4. Alec gives Magnus his strength: After Alec falls over the side of the ship during the battle with Valentine, Magnus jumps in to save him. Magus fishes him out and Alec wakes up in the back of Luke’s truck floating in the middle of the East River. Alec realizes the battle is exhausting Magnus and offers his strength so the warlock can continue to help the Shadowhunters.

Art by ArtofARoman
Art by ArtofARoman

I always love scenes between Magnus and Alec, theirs is one of my favorite relationships in the whole series. This scene proves how much Magnus cares for Alec. Magnus only helps the Shadowhunters because of his feelings for Alec. Alec realizes how much of a toll helping the Shadowhunters is taking on Magnus. I feel like this scene is a turning point in Magnus and Alec’s relationship.

5. Jace giving Simon his blood: Jace finds Simon in Valentine’s ship. Valentine had drained practically all the blood from Simon’s body. Jace offers his blood to Simon to drink. Simon is then able to heal from his wounds.

Art by TheCarmiBug
Art by TheCarmiBug

I like this scene because despite their differences, Jace tries to save Simon. He knows how Clary feels about Simon, and he would do anything to protect her from the pain of feeling the loss of her best friend, even if it means offering his blood to a vampire.