A pox on this user!

Hello, hello, everybody.

This is Jenn (peenisseverlark.tumblr.com…yes…peeniss) and I have the pleasure in finally making my first post for the Hunger Games fandom on thefandom.net. Special thanks to the admins for so openly inviting me, it really is an honor. If you don’t know who I am, feel free to fly over to my tumblr and have a gander to see who I am, but essentially, I’m really a huge nerd and my primary focus as of late has been THG.

I’m close to hitting a year now since I’ve opened up my blog, and I’ve seen a lot of blogs come and go, some falling into hiatus, some leaving for personal reasons, and some just leaving without a trace. But today, I wanted to post about a very conniving user that I think you all should be aware of so you do not have the unfortunate experience of having to deal with them.

There was a user on tumblr who went by the name of “Sofi”. Their url claimed was “thehungergamestriology”. Now what’s the big hubbub on that? Well, this user was exploiting other talented graphic makers who also were blogging within the tumblr universe and recruiting users to join her blog for personal and monetary gain!

This user has been notoriously known to have reached out to every blogger known to man (surprisingly only on tumblr but never to any of the highly praised fan sites such as The Hob, DWTC, WtoD12, HGFireSideChat, HGGirlOnFire etc) and telling them all the same ridiculous story that she was an employee for social media services with then Summit Entertainment, which was strange to me because when I received that tidbit that was before Lionsgate had closed the deal with Summit to merge. And well, if Lionsgate really had a third party blogger, don’t you think her blog would be decked out with Capitol.PN stamps and Hunger Games stamps and hey even Lionsgate Movies stamps? Nope. She had none of those. She also tried to make herself appealing as “a stepping stone” into professionalism as she claimed that she previously ran the biggest Twilight saga blog known to man out there and since the series “ended” she needed to branch out somewhere else.

Naturally, I declined. Though its the internet and you can sometimes never be too sure about people, something didn’t sit right with me. And honestly I had enough on my plate personally and within my blogging world.  But despite declining she literally came back to hassle me about pictures, news, videos, updates, asking to be affiliates, helping to spread about her “specials” which included getting a track from fandango if people ordered movie tickets through her blog.

Which subsequently I later found out wasn’t the case because anyone who ordered from fandango no matter what received their free track, honestly this person was just using her blog as a way for people to press an AD to guess what? Get the clicks, get the cash.

As you pass your pointer over the publicity images, you can see the first link you’re getting directed to. Some web links as “kqzyfj.com”, are web services for you to make money out of your followers, the views you get daily and/or the amount of people clicking on the links. Here is an article explaining how it works. And it’s not just the publicity. Here you can find some other ways to do it. The trick for her, is she’s acting like another fan on tumblr. The truth is, she’s here for the business. (source: http://allofthisiswrong.tumblr.com/post/19685381037/thehungergamestriology-abuse-keep-reading)

So let’s do a recap yeah?

  1. Claimed she worked for Summit and was trying to get in with the fandom as a whole to do her “job”
  2. Never had an official stamp from either company even after the merger to be validated as an employee.
  3. Made third business monetary gain by making ads available to click and gained money for herself and never distributed to the x amount of users who she was hassling to work for her on her blog by making graphics she personally never made.
  4.  No credit to your helpers?
  5. All “news” post she made typically were copied word for word from the original fan site so all the other HG blogsites I mentioned before she most likely was taking credit for your work as well.

I’ve only got only one more message to say to you personally Sofi, should you ever run past this post:

I didn’t want to accept affiliation with you before and now I sure as hell don’t want anything to do with you at this point. How dare you feel that you deserved monetary gain because of information you shouldn’t have been leaking or posting had come out a few extra days before it should have? 

I’m not scared of you, and I don’t feel anyone should be because if you really did work for Summit (which has now been sold and merged with Lionsgate) they’d not only be firing your ass but they’d also be suing the living hell out of you. 

May the next fandom be warned, if she comes to you, send her away.

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