A Round Up of SUPERNATURAL’s Geeky Aliases


If you watch the show (or maybe seen a few episodes) you know that the Winchester brothers have disguised themselves as professionals of all sorts, from detectives to coroners to priests. Surely, with these disguises their names come at a variety of aliases some of which have connections to famous musicians and Sci-Fi comics and books.

Nerdist.com has most graciously broken down some instances in where the aliases make references to works of the geek and nerd world.

1) They start the geek references in the third episode of Season 1, “Dead in the Water.” Sam and Dean investigate a mysterious drowning in Wisconsin, and Dean introduces them as U.S. Wildlife Service Agents Ford and Hamill. He’s clearly referring to Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill in their roles as Han Solo and Luke Skywalker. Thankfully no one they talked to was also a fan of Star Wars.

Not only did Dean and Sam reference outside characters and real people but special guests like Bela, from season 3, and Charlie, from season 7, also got some fun out of their aliases.

4) Bela…calls herself both Bela Lugosi, the actor who played Dracula, and Mina Chandler, a combination of a character and actress name from the same Dracula movie.


8) When Charlie enters the series, the geeky references go up. In episode 20 of Season 8, “Pac-Man Fever,” she finds a case for Sam and Dean involving djinn. Dean and Charlie pose as FBI Agents Hicks and Ripley from Dwayne Hicks and Ellen Ripley from the Alien franchise. We also see Charlie’s stash of passports and aliases include Christine Le Guin, Annie Tolkien, and Susan Asimov. The last names are all taken from sci-fi and fantasy authors and appropriately, the Tolkien passport is for the UK.

You can find a list of all the aliases and their references at Supernaturalwiki.

As a nerd myself I love to hear references like this in my favorite shows. Do you guys have any favorites you would like to share? If you do tell us in the comments.

Source: Nerdist, Supernaturalwiki