A Sneak Peek at FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Episode 102

We have a sneak peek at Fear the Walking Dead episode 102, “So Close, Yet So Far,” in which we see school counselor Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) and truth-speaker student Tobias (Lincoln A. Castellanos) running through the empty school halls with what looks to be supplies, when they encounter… someone.

It looks like the city of L.A. is going down fast and hard with what they can only guess to be a virus infecting people.  And judging the the record-breaking viewers of the pilot episode, we’re loving every bit of it.

In the midst of it, the term “the infected” – a term used in honor of the excellent (non)-zombie movie 28 Days Later – is being used for those that we already know to be “walkers.”  Of course, the term “walkers” is more than likely not a common term used throughout the states.

Plus, since we’re at the onset of the zombie apocalypse, it makes sense that the majority of the people seeing what’s going on and not yet directly related to the happenings in the big city of Angels, infected would probably be the best term.

But we’re sure after a while, they’re going to have to come up with another moniker for those that want to eat your living flesh.

So, what do you think the name of those flesh-eaters should be?  Being that this is L.A., you could throw out some off-the-wall term, and it just might work for Angelenos.  Give us your best hypothetical guess in the comments below!



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