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AGENT CARTER Prepares For A ‘Hollywood Ending’ In Season 2 Finale Previews

AGENT CARTER faces down ‘Hollywood Ending’ in a showdown with Whitney Frost!

With much lengthier season being the norm of American television, it’s almost a bit surprising that Agent Carter Season 2 comes to an end next week with its 10th episode, ‘Hollywood Ending.’ All the same, the show clearly plans to go out with a bang as sides are chosen, big battles rage on, and Zero Matter reaches its troublesome potential!

Check out the promo for the episode, which focuses heavily on baddie Whitney Frost showing her true evil!

Next, it’s time for two clips from the episode!

For all the Peggy/Sousa shippers out there, check out the two getting a little distracted as they search Whitney’s Frost’s liar for clues and a way to decipher her plans.

Then we have Jack double crossing Peggy, challenging her, and forcing her into a really tough decision.

We gotta say, if she doesn’t shoot him, we’ll be mighty disappointed!

Agent Carter‘s ‘Hollywood Ending’ airs Tuesday, March 1st on ABC.

Official Synopsis:

Peggy needs Howard Stark to eliminate Zero Matter as they are faced with a mission none of them could come back from.

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