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AGENT CARTER Season 2 Reveals Its Villain

An awesome female hero will face off against a killer lady villain in AGENT CARTER Season 2!

The new villain who will shake things up in Agent Carter Season 2 has been revealed!

Peggy Carter will find herself headed to Los Angeles to take on a dangerous assignment, part of which will including taking on none other that Madame Masque!

Madame Masque is actually a modern Marvel villain who’s most famous for her appearances in recent Hawkeye comics, so she’ll be retro-fitted for the 1940s vibe of AGENT CARTER. The baddie is a heavy armored robotics enthusiast how proves to be pretty deadly with her skills. Maybe she’ll be giving Howard Stark’s technologically-geared mind a run for its money as well?

The actress behind the role has reportedly been cast but it yet to be announced to the public.


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