Al, Edward, and Will Officially Cast for Divergent Movie


We have three new additions to the cast of the Divergent movie, which was announced on the Divergent Facebook page!  You may not know who these guys are now, but no doubt you will as we endeavor to give you as much information on the filming and people involved.

Christian Madsen “Al”

christian-madsen-2Not that I’m actually complaining, but Christian Madsen is certainly a lot more handsome than I’d imagined Al to be.  This 23-year-old actor is still fairly new to Hollywood, however, he is the son of actor Michael Madsen, and has been in a handful of films with his dad.  His part as Al will probably be his biggest role to date.

Ben Lamb “Edward”

ben-lamb-2Ben Lamb can currently be seen as Anthony Rivers on the BBC drama The White Queen, and is also a stage actor.  There is no age stated on his IMDB page, but I would guess him to be around his mid-20s.

Ben Lloyd-Hughes “Will”

ben-lloyd-hughes-2Another British actor, 24-year-old Ben Lloyd-Hughes has been on several UK TV shows, including Skins, Personal Affairs, and Young James Herriott.  He comes from a family of actors, including his brother Henry Lloyd-Hughes, who had a part in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Obviously, you can see that the actors cast are several years older than the characters they will be playing.  Considering the depth of maturity the characters are in the books, it makes sense that they would want to find actors that are able to convey the emotion and attitude correctly, and sometimes that means hiring older.  However, it’s not surprise that older actors are cast for such parts.  I shouldn’t be, but I am rather a bit surprised at how good looking the cast seems to be so far.  It would be interesting to see them give the characters the proper attitude they are meant to have.

By Kait

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