ALADDIN Featurette Details Creation of Agrabah

See how movie magic created a whole new world for ALADDIN!

The settings featured in Disney’s Aladdin may be fictional, but they are very clearly based on the Middle East and its culture. A new featurette from the live-action film shows just how the production team worked to creating the perfect look on screen.

An important part of the action was filming on location in the deserts of Jordan, soaking up the natural landscape rather than depending on CGI. We’ve seen this setting in previews and clips already, including the “Make me a prince” scene.

When it came to Agrabah itself, the production team was very careful to get the vibe just right. Director Guy Ritchie talks about bringing on a cultural advisory panel to make sure Agrabah is as authentic as possible, while ___, who also created sets for Game of Thrones, discusses the responsibility of meshing cultures and architecture to make the world unique.

Watch the full featurette at the top of the post.

Aladdin hits theaters on May 24, 2019.

By Kait

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