ALADDIN Gets The Honest Trailer Treatment

ALADDIN Honest Trailers takes on famous songs, outrageous characters.

Honest Trailers: Ruining your childhood perspective on movies since 2012. Now including Disney’s Aladdin!

Screen Junkies is at it again! Sure, as an adult you cherish your favorite Disney movies and remember them through the rose-colored glasses of your youth. The truth is– while they were fabulous adventures– there was some pretty uncomfortable (though historically accurate) bits in there and a lot of gags that only adults would catch, some of which make the story even better.

Complete with “new” versions of the classic songs, this video is sure to make you gigglesnort a bit!

Please note that this video is not kid-friendly!

Aladdin is our personal favorite of the early Disney cartoons, so this was quite the twist!