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ALADDIN Stunt Takes a Magic Carpet Ride Through NYC

Aladdin’s magic carpet flies through New York City!

Aladdin and his magic carpet can take you “soaring, tumbling, free-wheeling”, but they can also get you through New York City traffic pretty quick!

PrankVsPrank vlogger Jesse Wellens shook things up in the city when he dressed up as Disney’s most infamous street rat and took to the streets on booster board turned magic carpet. Riding through crowded areas and zipping between cars, he certainly made quite the impression in the video directed by Casey Neistat!

If you don’t mind having a few of the finer points of the gag spoiled for you, check out the lengthy behind-the-scenes video showing of all the details!

We don’t know how we would react if Aladdin came zooming down the street, but we’d probably try to snap a picture too!