Alberto Rosende Takes SHADOWHUNTERS Fans On Set Tour

Alberto Rosende aka Simon Lewis takes fans on a tour of the SHADOWHUNTERS set!

The actor behind Simon Lewis is giving fans the first look at the Fray family brownstone on the set of Shadowhunters! Actor Alberto Rosende recorded a short tour in which he showed off the Fray “family photos” including Clary and Simon growing up together and a snuggly photo of Clary, Jocelyn, and Luke. After he showed fans the trailers out of which the cast and crew operate and talked about his love for noodle soup.

Click below to watch!

shadowhunters tour

We don’t know much about Alberto Rosende, but he certainly seems like a perfect Simon Lewis from all the adorkable videos and set photos we’ve seen so far!

Shadowhunters is set to premiere in early 2016 on ABC Family.