Alex Kingston Hints at River Song’s Possible Return to DOCTOR WHO

Alex Kingston says River Song may not be ‘done’ on Doctor Who

Alex Kingston made an appearance at Mega-Con last week, where she briefly spoke about River Song’s future on Doctor Who.  While, it does sound like she has heard no confirmation that River will return to the show — a act many a Whovian would be thrilled about if it came to fruition — she did hint that it could be a very real possibility.

“All I can say is… spoilers! But what I will say is the sonic screwdriver that I had in Silence in the Library, which had been given to me by the Doctor, is not the sonic screwdriver that has been seen… yet.”

In addition to that, she did state that she has not been told that River is “done” on the show.  I don’t think there are many people out there who would be in opposition of seeing Kingston along side Peter Capaldi in the near future — they would make for an intense duo!


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