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Watch The First ALEX RIDER TV Series Trailer

Alex Rider is getting new life on television and the first trailer for the series is not messing around!

Based on the novels by Anthony Horowitz, Season 1 of the show will follow the teen superspy through the plot of the second novel, Point Blanc. In that novel, Alex works as an unofficial MI6 agent undercover at a “correctional academy” for wealthy children. The trailer shows us that some plot information from the first book is included, particularly the death of his uncle, for clarity.

Watch the trailer at the top of the post.

The series starring Otto Farrant comes 14 years after the unsuccessful 2006 adaptation starring Alex Pettyfer, but pretty much everything besides the source material is different this time around.

You’ll notice that the trailer says “Coming Soon” at the end, but it doesn’t actually say when or where to watch. At the time of reporting, the show hasn’t announced a deal with any broadcasting networks in the UK or abroad. Obviously it will end up somewhere, but exactly where is still in question. We’ll keep you updated once we have more news!

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