Alexa Donne’s BRIGHTLY BURNING: Cover Reveal & Excerpt

A classic tale gets a stellar twist in the upcoming novel BRIGHTLY BURNING!

The tradition of Jane Eyre is headed to space in Alexa Donne‘s upcoming novel Brightly Burning, and you can get the scoop with a first chapter excerpt and a gorgeous cover reveal!

Here’s the book’s description per Entertainment Weekly, who released the cover and excerpt:

…centers on 17-year-old Stella Ainsley, who lives on a floundering spaceship called the Stalwart. When she’s hired as a governess aboard the mysterious Rochester (does the name ring a bell?), which is captained by the moody, handsome Hugo Fairfax, Stella quickly keys into the secrets and shadows of the ship. She investigates its captain and secret cargo, coming to the conclusion that someone is trying to kill Hugo, whether he’s willing to admit it or not — and the more she discovers, the more questions she has about Hugo’s role in a greater conspiracy that threatens the safety of the already precarious fleet.

Stellar elements meet neon and romantic imagery in the cover design.

Chapter One

The gravity stabilizers were failing again. I glanced up from my sketchpad to see globules of liquid dancing up from my drinking glass. They shimmered red, like droplets of blood, though I knew it was just cherry-flavored nutri-drink. Dammit, that’s my protein ration for the day wasted.

A sigh escaped me, and resignedly I stowed my drawing tablet and stylus in the drawer under my mattress. They would be calling me any minute.

A moment later, right on time: “Stella Ainsley, please report to Area Twelve.” The speaker crackled and popped, as it had done for years. I’d tried to fix it, but on a ship as old as the Stalwart, there was only so much you could do.

I tucked my long hair as best I could into a bun atop my head — harder than one might think with your hair floating in all directions — as I grabbed my toolkit and headed into the corridor, half bouncing, half floating with each step. Orange lights flickered on and off, rendering the hallway dimmer than usual, quite the feat, considering Ward Z was generally known as Dark Ward. A few small windows were cut in between brushed-chrome walls that hummed with the shudder of the engines, but starlight was insufficient to light the inside of a ship. Ward Z was the domicile of the Stalwart’s lowliest; why squander precious electricity on waste specialists and mechanics? Most of the ship’s light energy was diverted to the fields. The Stalwart was the single largest provider of food in the fleet. I made a note to fix the light later, nonetheless.

It was a short journey to the supply bay, my quarters being conveniently close; I moved quickly from orange flickering over dull chrome down two levels to the antiseptic white glow of the ship’s belly. The Stalwart was at least clever enough to allocate decent energy reserves to the working parts of the ship; it would do no good to repair essential systems if I couldn’t see.

“There you are,” Jatinder greeted me, wiping a sweat-slicked hand against an equally sweaty forehead. Small droplets floated up from the tips of his fingers. I could barely hear him above the grind of the engines.


Brightly Burning hits bookshelves on May 1, 2018. You can pre-order it now via Amazon.

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