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Alexander Calvert Takes Another Hit from Veteran SUPERNATURAL Cast Members in New “Initiation” Video

The SUPERNATURAL set is known for its high jinks, especially with newbie cast members.

While Alexander Calvert has been on Supernatural since its season 12 finale (in May 2017), he’s still relatively new and a viable target for the (lovable) hooligans Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. SPN Family members know that, for years, Misha Collins was the “new guy” and took many hits from J2. While the messin’ with Collins is undoubtedly still a common occurrence, there’s at least someone else to take some of the heat ‘off of him.

In this “Part II” video, Calvert has a difficult time keeping a straight face while he and Ruth Connell are filming their coverage. Padalecki, Ackles, and Collins are standing just off camera, and J2 (especially Padalecki) have many, many comments they simply must verbalize. Cue a cracking-up Calvert:

Did you miss “Part I”? Well, remedy that:


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